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TEATRO SCUDERIE GRANDUCALI - Seravezza - Il secondo figlio di Dio

typology: cinema
Area: Versilia
District/Locality: Seravezza (LU) - Italy

Once again, thanks to the capable artistic direction of Elisabetta Salvatori a remarkable season was set up with all the big names of the national theatre.Raccontare per far rivivere (Recount to revive) is the title of the theatrical review 2016/2017 in which the artists tell big and small stories about that help us to retain in our memory characters and events of our recent past.
Here is the program:
Wednesday December 7 
Numero Primo, studio for a new album, by and with Marco Paolini.

Wednesday December 21
Piccolo come le stelle, the life of Giacomo Puccini, by and with Elisabetta Salvatori, Matteo Ceramelli plays the violin. 


Saturday January 7
L'arte è una caramella, by and with Carlo Vanoni. Direction Gian Marco Montesano.

Friday January 20 
Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo performed by Ugo Dighero.

Tuesday February 7
Il volo di Michelangelo, with Beatrice Visibelli and Marco Natalucci. Ginevra Prunetti plays the cello. Text and direction by Nicola Zavagli.
Wednesday February 22 and Thursday 23 (*)
Mini Machbet, with Dario Marconcini and Giovanna Daddi. Direction by Dario Marconcini.

Friday March 3
Oltre gli argini, Firenze 4 novembre '66, with Gionni Voltan. Text by Paola Presciuttini, direction by Mario Mattia Giorgetti.
Thursday March 23
Il secondo figlio di Dio, with Simone Cristicchi. Text by Manfredi Rutelli and Simone Cristicchi, direction by Antonio Calenda.
Friday April 7 
Marzabotto by Carlo Lucarelli, with Matteo Belli. Direction Matteo Belli.

(*) For the special feature of the show, which presupposes the presence of the public "in the scene", on February 22 will attend the viewers of the rows between the I and R, while the evening of February 23 will be the turn of the rows A to H.
For the occasion, the public will be asked to sit near the stage set on chairs and cushions, set up ad hoc.

Seravezza, Area Medicea via L. Amadei
2016 December 7 - 2017 April 7, at 9:15 p. m. 
Tickets full price between € 16.00 and € 10.00 
Tickets reduced price between € 14.00 and € 8.00   

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