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LUCCA THEATRE FESTIVAL - L’Armandone della Pimpa

typology: cinema, other
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca (LU) - Italy

Tird edition of Lucca Theatre Festival: theater performances of various kinds, from classic to contemporary, from the Theatre Storytelling at the Teatro Sociale, the Street Theatre, the Puppet Theatre.
Daily Matine is dedicated to schools.
During the afternoons, theater workshops and meetings with theater personalities that allow young viewers to experience and better understand the world of the theater.
In the evening a different show will be directed not only to children but also to adults.
After each performance the students will deal with actors and directors, ask and investigate aspects, doubts and curiosity related to representations, talking with actors of their profession, to discover the secrets and behind the scenes of a fascinating job and generally "unknown".
The festival closes Sunday, March 20, with the awarding of the works made by children and school children, on "Neverland."

Schedule of shows for children and teenagers:

Friday, March 24
h 9.45 Teatro del Giglio - L’Armandone della Pimpa (The Pimpa's Armandone). In this new show, co-written with the same Altan, Giorgio Scaramuzzino interacts with Pimpa that materializes on the screen in a cartoon version and live begins to tell his incredible adventures.

Friday, March 24
h 21.00
Saturday, March 25
h 9.45
Teatro San Girolamo - La storia del Rock (The History of Rock). A lecture-concert for kids and adults told and played live by Flexus, a real rock band that takes the audience on a musical journey told and performed entirely live, from the origins of the blues in the early 70s, through fifty years of musical changes, cultural and social.

Monday, March 27
h 9.45 am and h 11.00 am Teatro San Girolamo - Come Pollicino (Like Tom Thumb). In a small town a Great Dictator General took possession of everything and everyone: no one has ever seen, but his metal big voice terrifies people from the speakers scattered in the streets. Everything is forbidden: express ideas, the music, the colors, even look out the window. All things are in his hands: the houses, the factories, the lives of all adults, forced to work for him ....


Tuesday, March 28
h 9.45 am Teatro San Girolamo - Fa'fafine. This show is the story of one day in the lives of the protagonists, one day that will change all. A special day when a child-a child becomes the father-mother of his parents, and teaches them not to be afraid.


Wednesday, March 29

h 9.45 am and h 11.00  Teatro San Girolamo - Rosso cappuccetto (Red Little Riding Hood). Original version of Little Red Riding Hood, as the elements that compose it, and which are shown at the beginning of the show. concrete objects of stories generators, evocative of a time and almost magical in their simplicity, the strawberries, the stone, the cake are the very real finds of exposure that children can get up close, feeding the curiosity of the viewer and placing tempers the reflection on the ritual nature of the story.


Thursday, March 30
h 9.45 Teatro del Giglio - Jack e il fagiolo magico (Jack and the Beanstalk). The story of a poor boy, the widowed mother of a generous cow's milk, a strange old man, a huge beanstalk and of course a bad ogre .... And then harps miraculous, golden eggs, but most of cunning and courage of a child in facing dangers and defeat adversity.


Friday, March 31
h 9.45 Teatro del Giglio - I brutti anatroccoli (The ugly little duck). For a child, for a child every moment is the construction of a piece of identity. The world is full of patterns and efficiency and "beauty stereotypes" against which it is easy to feel at disagio.Ma it is from the lack that one must start. This time seems to challenge us to be able to build ourselves and our identity, accepting the differences and uniqueness of which everyone is a carrier.


Friday, March 31
h 11:00 am and h 14:45 Teatro San Girolamo - Valentina e i giganti. (Valentina and the giants). Valentina, an orphan girl, and therefore forced to live in an institution. Often at night unable to sleep and look out the window looking for something that can calm her. One night, however, appears in the distance a giant shadow ...


Saturday, April 1
h 21.00 Teatro San Girolamo - Katia Beni in La Comicità è una cosa seria (The Comedy is a serious matter) A lecture-show for kids and adults told by the Tuscan comic actress.

Sunday, April 2

h 16.00
Tuesday, April 4
h 9.45
Teatro del Giglio - Il tamburo magico (The magic drum). There was once a drummer who was returning from the war ... Poor little drummer boy, all alone on earth has no one to comfort, the house is empty, the door is closed ...

Teatro del Giglio, the Piazza del Giglio 1 Lucca
Theatre St. Jerome, St. Jerome away, Lucca
2017 March 24 / April 4


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