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TEATRO CATALANI , Vetriano - Omaggio a Andrea Bocelli

icona TEATRO CATALANI , Vetriano - ...
TEATRO CATALANI , Vetriano - ...
typology: music, cinema
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Pescaglia (LU) - Italy

The location is unique: it is the smallest theater in the world, with its 71 square meters and a maximum capacity of 80 seats. The Burlesque change his image, it rises to an art form rather than a simple show.



Sunday, January 29
h 15:00 - "La cena dei cretini"  (The Dinner Game) by P. Brochant.- The Compagnia Il Molo presents the hilarious comedy by Pierre Brochant involving the audience in a flurry of laughs in the face of paradoxical situations that the protagonists will be forced to live, in spite of themselves.
The Dinner Game is a hilarious comedy that involves the audience in a flurry of laughs in the face of paradoxical situations that the protagonists are forced to live, in spite of themselves. He laughs and reflect without realizing it.
At the end of the play: toast with the artists in the lobby of the theater.


Saturday, February 26
h 16:00 - "Scialoc" Unpublished Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. What do I do Scialoc, usurer jew, a pound of flesh from the Venetian merchant Antonio as a pledge? And who are those three so confident of having the truth in his pocket? Because Portia and Nerissa dress up as men? Just the help of Lancelot to the escape of the two lovers Lorenzo and Jessica?
With Matilde Bernardi, Nicola Cosentino, Jacopo Fanucchi, Rebecca Fanucchi, Emanuele Giorgi, Cristina Lazzerini, Agnes Manzini, Eleanor Marchi, Francesco Nutini, Lorenzo Ricciarelli. A co-production Company Teatro Giovani Lucca.


Friday, March 24

h 17:00 - "Tribute to Andrea Bocelli" with singers and collaborators of Bocelli. Interview with Carlo Bernini teacher, artistic director of historical content. Concert of soprano Maria Novella Malfatti. Screening of the original DVD "One Night in Central Park" of 2011 in New York.


Sunday, April 9
h 16:30 - "La Dora e Anto ... arieccoli !!!".


Sunday, May 14
h 15:30 - "Misura per Misura."


Pescaglia, loc Vetriano Teatrino Vetriano "A. Catalani"
January 29 / May 14, 2017


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