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typology: art
Area: Versilia
District/Locality: Seravezza (LU) - Italy

Grown over the years, Seravezza Fotografia has become an international event that  successfully combine the great names of photography  to the world of amateur photography. The event organized by Terre Medicee Foundation, by the Culture department of the Municipality of Seravezza with the patronage of FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations) with the artistic direction of Ivo Balderi.
The fifteenth edition of the photo festival takes place from February 17 to May 27, 2018 offering a program full of events and appointments over a period of about three months, with young emerging photographers next to the big names of international photography in the exhibitions of the Medici area ( the Palazzo and the Grand Ducal Stables), of the Seravezziana Gallery and  Palazzo Civico in Querceta, with workshops and seminar training activities (photography courses of various levels, workshops held by expert photographers), with different age targets.

From February 17 to April 8, 2018 Seravezza Fotografia dedicates its main exhibition to the freelance photographer Uliano Lucas in Palazzo Mediceo, Unesco World Heritage.
"La vita e nient'altro" by Uliano Lucas  is an anthological exhibition with more than 200 black and white photographs ranging from the reality art of Milan in the '60s that gravitated around bar Jamaica and bar Genis to the workers' and students' protest of the' 70s, from immigration in Italy and abroad always of those years and also in the contemporary world with a reportage inside the "Fenoglio" reception center in Turin, but also from the liberation wars in Angola, Eritrea, Guinea Bissau, a reportage documenting the end of Portuguese colonialism, to the photographs that document the reality of the Middle East , the dissolution of former Yugoslavia, the life of emigrants in Europe, the years of terrorism, the world of work and its transformations.
This is the complete Program of Seravezza Fotografia 2018:
La vita e nient'altro  by Uliano Lucas
Seravezza, Medici Palace
17 February / 8 April
tickets € 7,00 - concessions € 5,00
La scelta dello sguardo - Photo exhibit by Isabella Balena
Seravezza, Scuderie Granducali
February 17 / March 18
Free admission
Appunti di vita by Bruno Maddeddu
Seravezza, Seravezziana Gallery
March 16/April 8
Free admission
Terre Medicee by A.Avezzù, S.Giogli, G.Presutti
Seravezza, Scuderie Granducali
March 23 / April 2
Free admission
Minime soddisfazioni narcisistiche by Cecilia Gioria
Seravezza, Scuderie Granducali
April 6/29
Free admission
Fotopia-danza di un'utopia fotografica collective exhibition
Seravezza, Scuderie Granducali
May 4 / 27
Free admission


Odi et amo
by Tatiana Mura
Querceta, Palazzo Civico 
February 17 / March 10
Free admission

La cura
by Luca Vecoli
Querceta, Palazzo Civico 
March 16 / April 28
Free admission
Fulvio D'Iorio Award
Querceta, Palazzo Civico
May 1 / 26
Free admission
Seravezza, Medici area, viale L. Amadei and other locations
2018, February 17 / May 27
Opening times:
Palazzo Mediceo Friday and Saturday 3:00/8:00 pm, Sunday and holidays 10:00 am/ 8:00 pm, Scuderie Granducali Friday-Sunday 3:00/11:00 pm,
Palazzo Civico Querceta Monday - Saturday 9:00 am/8:00 pm,
Galleria Seravezziana every day 9:00 am/8:
00 pm, closed on Tuesdays

Admission Palazzo Mediceo € 7,00, concessions € 5,00 - Free admission in the other exhibition spaces

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