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typology: nature-environment, art, tradition-religion, show-market
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Capannori (LU) - Italy

Exhibitions, tastings, walks, concerts and she, the queen of the event: the camellia.
This and much more is the Exhibition Antiche camelie di Lucchesia (Ancient Camellias of Lucca), international event in the municipality of Capannori, the pride for the Compitese area, the heart of the event. The exibith, now in its XXVIII edition, takes place in the Village of the Camellias (S. Andrea and Pieve di Compito) but also involves other villages of Capannori and the city of Lucca.

The event will be enriched by exhibitions of painting and photography, outdoor tea tastings and villas, tastings of local products and the Compitese waters, concerts and walks to discover the local flora and fauna and the Visona rio.

There will be premieres in Lucca, including a distribution of camellias in Piazza San Michele (Lucca), by the municipality of Capannori and the City of Lucca, to celebrate the 8th of March.


Capannori, Sant'Andrea di Compito in the scientific headquarters of the Compitese Cultural Center.
Scientific exhibition of cut flowers: Showcasing hundreds of different typical cultivars of Compitese and parks of the villas of Lucca.
Nostalgia of Japan:"Kumihimo" Woven of threads. IROHA staged by the National Association for cultural exchange between Italy and Japan. (Florence)
The Sundays of 19 and 26 March 10:00 am / 12: 00 and 15:00 / 17:00 practical workshop. The parteciapnti ralizzeranno a bracelet or a leash that will keep as a souvenir.

Saint Andrea and Pieve di Compito around the villages.
The Factory of the CamelliasVisit to the greenhouse where they reproduce the varieties present in the camelias.
Market of Camellias and fine crafts.
Ancient enclouse of Borrini: Visit the tea plantation and selling the first and only Italian tea.

visits to the villas of Compitese
Villa Borrini: Visit to the garden of the villa that houses ancient and rare plants of camellias.
Villa Giovannetti: Visit to the camellia garden. Tea Room: tasting of various types of tea, reading, musical interludes.
Villa Torregrossa: Visit the garden and the villa.
Villa Orsi: Visit the ancient camellia garden. Nursery of ancient cultivars reproduced from the varieties found in the park. Sales of tea and Japanese objects. traditional Japanese music. Oil and wine tastings, biological AA "At the Camellias".
h 11:00; 14:30; 16:30 Ceremony of Tea by association Iroha tea every day of the exhibition.
Saturday afternoon at 14:30 Seminar on Japanese Tea The history, the tradition, the properties, how to prepare, how do you propose the guest, tasting with Japanese sweeties.
Course fee € 25, 00 (by reservation).

Camellietum Compitese
Visit to the park, which is home to a thousand cultivars of Camellia with an environmental guide and the new collection of camellias from Dresden (Zuschendorf), the new Camellias Sasanqua area. Sale of camellias. Nature trail to discover the flora and fauna of Mount Pisano.

Ancient signaling tower and the Church of St. Andrea di Compito
Visits with the possibility to climb to the top to see the city of Lucca and the surrounding territory.

The mill Visona
Sale and tasting of local products and the oil mill. local craft sales.

A side event program will be available to learn more about the area.


The opening of the Exhibition of Ancient Camellias of Lucca, at the Cultural Center Compitese, is for Saturday, March 11 at 10:30.
At 12: 00 at the Camelietum, inauguration of the new field of autumn Sasanqua camellias, and space reserved for members of the Italian Camellia Society, available for trial, acclimatization of new species, hybrids, etc.

The access the Village of the Camellias, is provided by a the shuttle bus departing from Frantoio sociale del Compitse (via di Sottomonte, 609/a)

CapannorI,  loc. Sant'Andrea di Compito
11/12 18/19 25/26 March 2017
h 10:00 / 18:00
admission € 6.00 including shuttle


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