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TEATRO ALFIERI, Castelnuovo Garfagnana - Folle d'amore

icona TEATRO ALFIERI, Castelnuovo ...
TEATRO ALFIERI, Castelnuovo ...
typology: cinema
Area: Garfagnana
District/Locality: Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (LU) - Italy

Teatro Alfieri is considered the most important of the theaters of the Serchio Valley, was designed inspired by the Teatro del Giglio of Lucca, which takes traditional and decorative elements.

Here is the program of the theater season:

January 13
h 21:15 - "L’anatra all’arancia" (The orange duck) by William Douglas-Home and Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon with Luca Barbareschi, Chiara Noschese and Gianluca Gobbi, Ernesto Mahieux, Margherita Laterza. Scenes Paolo Polli, Silvia Bisconti costumes, lights Iuraj Saleri, translation, adapted and directed by Luca Barbary.
A "cult" of vaudeville, a symbolic title of the drama that provokes hilarity with class, through a wise and subtle use of theatrical machine.
January 28
h 12:15 - "Il Padre" (The Father) by Florian Zeller, directed by Piero Maccarinelli, with Alessandro Haber, Lucrezia Lante della Rovere and David Sebasti; scenes Gianluca Amodio, Alessandro Lai costumes, lighting design Humble Vainieri.
The loss of autonomy of his father, Andrea, progresses to the point that Anna is forced to make decisions in his place, and against her will. Everything gradually disappearing: the landmarks, memories, family happiness.
February 28
h 12:15 -  "Porcile" by Pier Paolo Pasolini, directed by Valerio Binasco with Valentina Banci, Francesco Borchi, Fulvio Cauteruccio, Pietro d'Elia, Elisa Cecilia Langone, Mauro Malinverno, Fabio Mascagni, Franco Ravera; scenes Lorenzo Banci, Sandra Cardini costumes, music Arturo Annecchino, Roberto Innocenti lights.
Pasolini develops the plot of Pigpen in Germany after the war, a post-Nazi society in which the bourgeoisie has taken full possession of power and runs it as a way of understanding globalizing democracy.
March 15
21:15 - "il borghese gentiluomo"  (Le Bourgeois gentilhomme) by Molière, directed by Armando Pugliese, with Emilio Solfrizzi and with (or to) Viviana Altieri, Anita Bartolucci, Fabrizio Contri, Nico Di Crescenzo, Cristiano Dessi, lisa galantini, Lydia Jordan Simone in July Elizabeth Mandalari, Roberto Turchetta; Andrea Taddei scene, Sandra Cardini costumes, music Antonio Sinagra, lights Gaetano La MelaEmilio.
Solfrizzi, fresh from the success of Sarto for Feydeau lady, for the 2016-2017 theater season has chosen a French author, Molière, and a great classic of the drama of all time.
March 24
h 21:15 - "Folle d'amore" director and screenplay Erik Franks, with Alessandro Bertolucci, Giulia Perelli, Paolo Del Grande; scenography Romina Nari, Michela Innocenti sail directing, stage Piero Gaddi music, performed by Piero Gaddi keyboards, Daniele Paoletti battery, Mauro Avanzini saxophone, Christian Omarini costumes, lighting design Stefano Del Grande, Lucia Pedri paintings, projections Nicola Rossi, assistant video Michele Toni, assistant set designer Luca Mantica
Five centuries after its publication, the Orlando Furioso has something to say to today's society?
An original rereading of the text helps us to understand and to help any man in his life he felt broken by the weight of their own reality. Travel companions will be the words, anxieties, hopes for Alda Merino: above the stage vibration, falls and victories of a remarkable woman will go in parallel to those of the great hero, embracing the strong spirit in the exciting Memorial an increasingly redemption possible.
April 13
h 21:15 - "La scuola" by Domenico Starnone, directed by Daniele Luchetti, with Silvio Orlando and with (o.a.) Vittoria Belvedere, Vittorio Ciorcalo, Roberto Citran, Roberto Nobile, Antonio Petrocelli, Maria Laura Rondanini; scenes Giancarlo Basili, designer lights Pasquale Mari, Maria Rita Barbera costumes, assistant director Riccardo Sinibaldi.
At school you learn, you grow, you study, you bowl. But it is also a war place for kids and teachers, where you challenge and where you try winning strategies for survival. The text of Starnone, which in 1995 was made into dresses film by Silvio Orlando, it emphasizes the traits paradoxical and funny, as well as describing the dramatic and educational implications.
TEATRO  VITTORIO ALFIERI - Theatre Season 2017
Castelnuovo Garfagnana
2017  january 13 to April 13
h 21.15

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