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CLUSTER spring season - Giovani compositori Cluster.

typology: music
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca (LU) - Italy

The association, created to enhance the rich musical heritage of the city, in particular the composition, well gathers 25 local composers, especially young people, who take this path based on a genetic concept, that has made over the centuries by the city of Lucca Musically.

With the Spring 2017 Season the Cluster Association of Contemporary Music begins its eighth year of operation.

In this period, Cluster has significantly expanded its horizons by increasing organizational collaboration abroad. Even in this season of Spring we will have collaborations not only with other Italian cities (Trento, Sanremo), but also with important musical centers of the world such as Warsaw and New York. qualified town where the music of some of the 50 composers members, enrolled in Cluster, will be performed in "première", exporting the new musical language that comes from our city.

 The program and the concerts of the Spring Season 2017 of the Cluster in Lucca in May:


Saturday, May 6
h 17:30 - Auditorium Fondazione Banca del Monte, piazza san Martino, 7 - Etymos Ensemble. Nicola Bimbi, oboe; Tony Capula, clarinet; Alberto Gatti, live electronics.
Music by A. Karałow, E. Dinelli, M. Longo, A. F. Di Stefano, M. Incontrera (Cluster prize).


Saturday 13th May
h 17:00 Auditorium Fondazione Banca el Monte, piazza san Martino, 7. Orchestra of the School of Music Simphonia
Directs Stefano Giannotti.


Saturday, May 20
h 17:30 Auditorium Fondazione Banca del Monte, piazza sn Martino, 7. Cluster young composers.
Music premiere of Francesco D'Agostino, Dario Ferrante, Cristian Monti, Michael Barsotti, Sarai Vangelli De Cresci, Mary Joy Lastraioli, Lorenzo Petrizzo, Stefano Teani.
Saturday, May 27
h 17:30 Auditorium Fondazione Banca del Monte.  concert of school JAM.
programming continues till to June 11.
CLUSTER - Spring concerts
March 12 / June 11, 2017
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