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icona ENOLIA
typology: exhibitions
Area: Versilia
District/Locality: Seravezza (LU) - Italy

Enolia, discovering quality olive oil and local products, now in its eighteenth edition, will be held on April 22 and 23.  Enolia this year will be dedicated, in addition to its original character, to the quality of olive oil produced in Italy and many agricultural products, but will also present great news: The Wine Village organized in collaboration with  La Fonderia – Una Scelta di Campo di Simona Palumbo.
The external area of Palazzo Mediceo will host the wine companies, in a market fair, which will expose their products and offer direct sale. Great attention will be paid to quality, organic and local wine. The Village, sort of a pleasure space, will also include a stage for cooking shows sponsored by some wineries. The cooking shows will be directed by the wine journalist Marco Bellentani.
Inside Palazzo Mediceo a tasting of olive oils coming from different parts of Italy is possible and mini-courses to learn more about olive oil are held. The event also provides a major section dedicated to typical Italian products: in the Medici area, hub of the event, you will have the chance to try many products from different Italian regions. Many culinary rarities, great wine news, along with collateral events, like the traditional bicycle excursion, a cycle trip through the beautiful territory of Seravezza.
Finally, the renovated historic center will be involved in the event with many initiatives and a shuttle bus service will be organized from and to the train station of Querceta - Forte dei Marmi.
Saturday, April 22
16:00 - Opening of the event and the stands.
16:30 - Enolia, a tribute to the Palio. Participants and drummers waiting for the big day.
17:00 - Cooking Show - Chef Marco Giannini (Alex Cibi e Vini - Marina di Pietrasanta) in cooperation with the winery Il Calamaio.
19:30 - Closing of stands.
Sunday, April 23
9:30 - Opening stand Area Medici, the Medici Palace, Old Town.
10:15 - Luigi Caricato presents his new book “La gravidanza della terra".
11:30 - Palazzo Medici, "Olive oil School": mini-courses to learn how to taste olive oil.
12:30 - Cooking Show - Chef Orlando Giordan (Dao - Marlia) in cooperation with the winery Cantine Lunae and Essentiae.
13:00 - Cooking Show - Chef Roberto Monopoli (Fubi'S - Viareggio) in cooperation with the winery Podere Concori.
16:00 - Proclamation "Enolia Oil Award" to the best oils.
16:00 - Cooking Show - Chef Alessandro Filomena (Franco Mare - Marina di Pietrasanta) in cooperation with the winery Casa Caterina of Aurelio Del Bono.
17:00 - Cooking Show - Chef Gaio Giannelli (Pozzo di Bugia - Querceta) in cooperation with the winery Altradonna.
17:30 - Presentation of  "Il Brandan Farro e Birra".
17:45 - Cooking Show - Chef Giuseppe Mancino (Piccolo Principe - Viareggio) and Michelangelo Masoni (Macelleria Viareggio) in combination with Tenute Mariani.
19:30 - Closing of stands.

Seravezza - Area Medicea
April 22 / 23, 2017
Saturday 16:00 / 19:30, Sunday 9:30 / 19:30
Free admission


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