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icona INCONTRI SUL BELLO - Anteprima
typology: nature-environment, festival
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca (LU) - Italy

"A city does not enjoy the seven or seventy-seven wonders, but the answer to your question," wrote Italo Calvino. A city is really nice if you know how to answer the needs of everyone.
The "Lucca, Incontri sul Bello" project combines how beautiful and good Lucca is for a city that wants to be hospitable, solid, able to stir up emotions, to surprise, to leave freedom to the imagination, to always generate new narratives . And to educate on life and civil beauty.
The program is made up of awareness-raising initiatives dedicated to schools and others open to the public of citizens and visitors. The Skarozzata on Saturday 22 at 11:45 am by Pia Casa and at 15:00 in Piazza San Michele helps to understand how much, at times, really little attention and cautiousness to relieve these problems. They will be made available to all wheelchairs so that it is possible to understand how difficult it is to walk around with a wheelchair for the Old Town.


Program of open initiatives:
Saturday, April 22

h 9:00 am - Auditorium Pia Casa, via S. Chiara 6 - Conference - Oltre la disabilità: A Way to Equal Opportunities. Present Giulio Sensi (journalist), Luca Cinquini (Vice Chairman of the Supervisory and Control Committee), Andrea Lanfri (Paralympic Athlete ), Alfredo Di Gino Puccetti (sensory pedagogic inventor), Damiano Iacopetti (architect and designer specializing in the collapse of architectural barriers).
h 10:30 and h 15:00 - Auditorium Banca del Monte Foundation, Piazza S. Martino 4 - Il sogno d'oro Short Film by ALAP Lucchese Association of Art and Psychology.
h 11:45 - Auditorium Pia Casa, via S. Chiara 6. The Skarrozza Reduced Wheelchair Tour by the Association of "My Health Promoting Guys".
h 15.00 - Agora, via delle trombe 6 - Nuove forme di lavoro by Irene Panzani S.O.F.A. Shared Office for the Arts.
h 15:00 - Church of the Crucifix of the White, Via del Crocifisso. On demand (inside the artwork). Path to the discovery of the creative process with the artist Matteo Nuti.
h 15:00 Piazza San Michele La Skarrozza, a wheelchair, organized by the Association "My Head Health Promoting Guys".
h 17:00 Via Fillungo and 18:00 Piazza Napoleone - Flash Mob by the Liceo Musicale Lucchese. The Lycée of Lucca music will give birth to a music gathering at a point in Fillungo without notice, without a stage with music from their repertoire.
h 17.00 - Agora via delle trombe, 6 Incubatori e Co-working by the Lucchese Technological Polo and LuBeC.
h 17:00 - Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio, Via San Micheletto 3. Invasion of the Foundation, discovering the art collection of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation. By Digital Invasion.
h 17.30 pm - Auditorium Fondazione Banca del Monte, Piazza San Martino. Mitologia e bellezza, by Donatella Puliga.
Sunday, April 23
17:00 Auditorium Banca del Monte Foundation, Piazza S. Martino 4 - Bello, bene, vero Opening Quando una dea mi prende per mano, short film from Mario Tobino's tale.
The following will be followed by Pietro Pietrini, Director of IMT High School Studies Lucca, Foundation President Mario Tobino; Roberta Guccinelli, Philosopher Emiliana Martinelli, Businesswoman; Eva Perini, Cultural Association Vitality Project Onlus; Luca Cinotti, head of the daily newspaper "Il Tirreno".
Reading: La bellezza della parola, reads Marco Brinzi.
Nel progamma della manifestazione anche le mostre:
Sotto un unico Cielo Installazione di Mattia Papp
Chiesa di Santa Caterina, Via del Crocifisso, Lucca
21 / 23 aprile ore 11:00 /17.00
Inaugurazione venerdì 21 aprile alle ore 18:15
On Demand Personale di Matteo Nuti
Chiesa del Crocifisso dei Bianchi, Via del Crocifisso, Lucca
21 aprile / 8 maggio
orari mostra: sabato e domenica 11:00 / 13.00; 17.00 / 20.00, altri giorni su appuntamento
Inaugurazione venerdì 21 aprile 2017 ore 17:00
Cahier de Voyage” di Nicola Pagallo
Via S. Andrea 12 sede Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore
23 aprile / 5 maggio ore 11:00 / 13:00; 16:30 / 19:00
Inaugurazione domenica 23 aprile ore 18:00
Dell’arte e della bellezza”
documentario intervista agli artisti lucchesi Antonio Possenti, Pier Luigi Puccini, Maria Stuarda Varetti, regia di Bartolomeo Pampaloni
Chiesa di San Giuseppe
sabato 22 aprile ore 10:30 / 12:00
domenica 23 aprile ore 10:30 / 12:00; 15:30 / 17:00

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Lucca, various locations.
22/23 April 2017
free entry

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