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Eugenio Barsanti Museum

icona Eugenio Barsanti Museum
Prototipi motore a scoppio
Collection: Cimeli, documenti, effetti personali, riproduzione di n. 3 prototipi di motore a scoppio
Area: Versilia
District/Locality: Pietrasanta
Address: Pietrasanta,
Palazzo Panichi
via Marzocco
Phone: 0584-795500 (Ufficio Cultura Comune di Pietrasanta)
Fax: 0584-795588
Web address:

For to discover an extraordinary invention, you have to experiment for a long time. This was the scientific work of  spiritual father Eugenio Barsanti, (1821-1864), citizen of Pietrasanta, inventor with Felice Matteucci of the combustion engine
A genious creation that opened the way for an unstoppable evolution: the engine "accelerated" the times and conquered every aspect of everyday life. The Museum, situated on the first floor of Palazzo Panichi, preserve information of Barsanti's life, curiosities, historical reconstructions, documents, and n° 3 combustion engine models.
The "Barsanti and Matteucci International Award", established in 2000, promotes the knowledge of this great scientist through the contribution of the most authoritative interpreters of technological progress.

Visit over the normal opening hours: valid all year round, but upon reservation.Access for handicapped people: NOFor information and reservations: Office of Cultural Institutions of the Municipality of Pietrasanta  tel 0584 795500 -
Summer time

Open: Saturday, Sunday and holidays 
Winter time

Open: Saturday, Sunday and holidays
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Ingresso gratuito
How to reach

By Car: A12 ; SS. N.1 Aurelia or provincial road Sarzanese-Valdera.Public transport: FS station, railway lines from Massa, Lucca, Viareggio and CCT bus lines from Massa, Lucca, Viareggio.Parking: free at 200 m (bus terminal), free at 200 m (ASL area); For a fee of 100 m (Piazza Statuto and Piazza Matteotti) 

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