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typology: festival
Area: Versilia
District/Locality: Pietrasanta (LU) - Italy

Sophia is a Tuscan philosphy festival that celebrates philosophical thinking in two days of public joy for mind and body, as the Latin term "dies festus" suggests. The event is conceived and organized by the Rossocarminio cultural association presided by Franca Polizzano.
The theme chosen for the second edition of the festival directed by Alessandro Montefameglio is "Image". The history of the word and that of western philosophy are mostly symmetrical: they are reflecting each other. It is an object of extreme interest and fascination for philosophers, anthropologists, artists and scientists, enclosing the sense of coexistence of humans with themselves and with others (someone or something else), as an instrument of truth and - intimate and collective - appearance, of fear and seduction, vanity and concealment.
By collaborating directly with university and school teachers, Sophia combines a varied program of academic and informal moments involving students and an audience of all ages, mixing reason and conviviality, alternating teaching to discussions, creating a comfortable place where to share passion for knowledge and beauty.
Saturday, November 18:
h 10:00 am - Introduction
h 10:30 am - Sergio Givone "Immagine, Imago, Icona"
h 11:45 am - Alfredo Ferrarin "La realtà dell'Immagine"
h 3:00 pm - Franco Trabattoni "L’Immagine e la (sua) verità"
h 4:15 pm - Giacomo Marramao "Pensare il presente: Immagine e concetto"
Sunday, November 19:
h 10:00 am - Introduction
h 10:30 am - Enrico del Bianco "Immagini della filosofia nella scuola"
h 11:45 am - Federico Vercellone "L’Immagine come paradigma della contemporaneità"
h 3:00 pm - Umberto Curi "L’Immagine fra Logos e mito"
h 4:15 pm - Diego Fusaro "Pensieri alternativi (contro il pensiero unico)
More infos on  the offical website of the festival: The conferences are held in Italian language.
Pietrasanta, piazza Duomo
2017, November 18/19
h 10:00 am / 5:30 pm
Free admission



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