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typology: music
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca (LU) - Italy

Since nine years the Cluster Contemporary Music Association organizes concert seasons and, this year, they propose the Cluster Music Festival: in the preview the presentation of new CDs and books dedicated to contemporary music, in the second part concerts, meetings with composers and scientists who will talk about important experiences regarding the relation between brain and music are organized.
On Friday, November 17, at 5:00 pm, at the Auditorium Fondazione Banca del Monte, in piazza san Martino, a concert of the  Etymos Ensemble, resident at Cluster: Francesco Gatti (flute), Toni Capula (clarinet), Diego Desole (percussions), Alberto Gatti (electronics).
For this concert, the Auditorium will be equipped with a sensory footstool, built by Alfredo Di Gino Puccetti for the son, useful for non-listeners to listen to music. The platform is a wooden instrument with transducers capable of transforming audio-sound signals into vibrations. As the sound stimulates the ear, vibration completes listening by stimulating the body. Just through the vibrations transmitted from the platform, the unlucky can perceive any type of sound: music, nature sounds, animal verses, musical instrument sounds, and noises of any kind. Therefore, the applications of the same are many.

The review goes on until November 19th. Here is the complete program.
Lucca, various locations
2017, November  7/19
Free admission


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