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TEATRO DEL GIGLIO - Father and son

icona TEATRO DEL GIGLIO - Father and son
TEATRO DEL GIGLIO - Father and son
typology: cinema
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca (LU) - Italy

The Teatro del Giglio has always been the artistic and cultural landmark of Lucca, in 1985 it received the acknowledgment of  "Theatre of Tradition". Its origin dates back more than three centuries ago, when the Council of the Republic of Lucca established by decree a public theater that over the centuries had an intense artistic activity. The Opera Season usually opens the official theatrical season, which also includes a Prose and a Dance Season.
Eight the titles of the Prosa season 2017/18.
Friday 16 and Saturday, February 17, at 9 pm and Sunday, February 18, at 4.00 pm: Father and son - by Michele Serra, inspired by The Lying Down and Comic Breviary.
With Claudio Bisio and musicians Laura Masotto - violin and Marco Bianchi - guitar. Directed by Giorgio Gallione.

The father / son relationship radiographically scattered and with a constant fluctuation between the ironic and the painful, between the comedian and the tragic. It's a reflection on our time jam and the future of our children. In Father and I are inventive unbridled, comedy, brutality, morality are the ingredients of an irresistible soliloquy that allow Claudio Bisio, his most anticipated return on stage, to confront with a text of great emotional and theatrical, comic and ethical power at the same time .

The program of the prose season continues until March 27, 2018.
TEATRO DEL GIGLIO - Prose season
Lucca, Piazza del Giglio 1
2017 October 13  / 2018 March 27
Father and son
february 16 / 17 at 21:00
febrauary 18 at 16:00
tickets € 11,00 30,00

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