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typology: festival
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca (LU) - Italy

As part of "Autori all'Agorà" review, Marino Bartoletti presents "Bar Toletti" così ho sfidato facebook" (Minerva) on Friday 17 November at 18:00 at the Agora Library of Lucca, organized by LuccAutori and Agora Library.
On the one hand Facebook, the great, worried, feared, takeover monster of our time, on the other hand the human resistance of who has and perhaps has, the insane and seemingly anachronistic velleness of bending contemporary to its professional history and life. Marino Bartoletti, an icon of "traditional" Italian journalism, when he passed the columns of Hercules, had no doubts: he remained. Deep and ironic, graceful and lively: passionate and sincere.

If a story needs a breath, it is not denied; if a concept can be expressed in two lines (or in a photo) do it. The rules do not exist. There is the story culture. And then, as in an extraordinary almanac, mix reflections and anniversaries, anniversaries, and stories of stories, stories never heard and glittering re-readings of what was thought to be explored and exhausted. What do Zanardi do with Bob Dylan, Gaber with Niki Lauda, ​​Pantani with Glenn Miller, Bearzot with John Lennon, Beppe Viola with Freddy Mercury? Bartoletti has been able to mix every ingredient with wisdom and humanity, in a wonderful "buffet" of men and feelings (in many cases lived in the first person) from which everyone can draw the manicaretto he wants.
Or get bored of everything. Because the chef knows terribly well his job.

Demetrio Brandi and Elena Marchini spoke.


AUTORI ALL'AGORA'  -  Bar-Toletti
Lucca, Civic Library Agora, via delle trombe. 6
November 17, 2017
Free entry

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