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TEATRO COLOMBO - Borgo a Mozzano - C'era una Svolta

typology: cinema
Area: Mediavalle
District/Locality: Borgo a Mozzano (LU) - Italy

The theater is part of a building complex created in Valdottavo in the early twentieth century considered also by the contemporary citizens to have particular value, as evidenced in various articles registered in the Town's Archive, including a significant one from the magazine (fortnightly published in the district of Borgo a Mozzano) "Il Bargiglio" of July 17, 1910.
Today the Colombo Theatre is a cultural space and a dynamic, living and open-minded center of research and experimentation, without forgetting its history and prestige. A magical, surreal, intimate, precious place, as many other theaters, a place made of dreams, of breathing, sounds, vibrations, lights, makeup, costumes, a space defined by the crackle of wood planks and absurd time schedules. A theater looking at the future and its territory, a theater watches the stars through a broken umbrella ...
The performance of today, January 13th, at 9:15 pm, is C'era una Svolta. The new show of the singer and actress Manuela Bollani: an intelligent and ironic musical One-Woman Show, which turns over some stereotypes of the fairytale world. On stage, together with Manuela, the MaBoh Band: Gabriele Landucci on the keyboards, Simone Barsanti on theguitar, Piero Pellicanò on the bass and Alessandro Matteucci on the drums.

TEATRO COLOMBO  - C'era una Svolta
Borgo a Mozzano , loc. Valdottavo
2018, January 13
h 21:15
ticket  € 10,00

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