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typology: festival
Area: Mediavalle
District/Locality: Borgo a Mozzano (LU) - Italy

The exhibition tells the stories that led to the mass extermination of Rom and Sinti, a page of little-known history.
"Porrajmos" is in fact a term little known even among those who are more attentive to the duty of memory. Yet it is one of the words of genocide, translatable as "devoraution", with which people belonging to the Rom and Sinta linguistic minority indicate the extermination of their people under fascism and Nazism. Another way to return to the horror of the camps, to try to evoke what really happened.

The extermination of people belonging to the linguistic minority is little known, and yet it should arouse interest only because their persecution in the Fascist and Nazi era turns out to be the only one, obviously with the Jewish one, dictated by exclusively racial motivations: just like the in fact, Roma and Sinti were persecuted and killed as a lower race destined not for subjection and servitude, but for death.

The exhibition, created by the Institute of Culture Sinta, Nevo Drom Association, Sinti Italiani Association of Prato is promoted within the broader program created on the occasion of the Memorial Day by the Historical Institute of the Resistance and the Contemporary Age in the province of Lucca , Province and Municipality of Lucca, the School for Peace and many other municipalities in the area. The ANPI Provincial of Lucca also collaborated in the exhibition.


The exhibition will remain in Palazzo Ducale until 10 February, then it will be set up in Borgo a Mozzano (13/23 February), Barga (26 February / 11 March), Castiglione di Garfagnana (17 March / 8 April).
Borgo a Mozzano
2018 February 13 / 23
opening hours: Monday / Saturday, 9.00 am / 7.00 pm
free entry

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