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Santa Maria Assunta

typology: Pieve
Area: Mediavalle
District/Locality: Borgo a Mozzano, locality Diecimo
Foundation: X century A.D.

The church of S. Maria is along the road that follows the Serchio valley. The building is isolated from the Medieval village of Diecimo, to the north towards Pescaglia. The dimensions of the church are considerable and it is enriched by elaborate decorations both on the outside and the inside: particularly interesting are the figures of animals and plants in the apse and the vine-branch supported by human figures sculpted on the architrave of the main portal.
State of preservation

Nothing remains today of the X century church: the existing building is a reconstruction datable between the XII and XIII century.
Historycal news

The church, built between the XII and XIII century, has three naves and originally possessed a semicircular apse. The isolated bell tower is also Medieval. In the XIII century the pieve of Santa Maria had jurisdiction on a territory that included 21 religious buildings and it depended directly from the bishop of Lucca. In the XVII century the church was adapted to the demands of the Counter-Reformation and the new Baroque taste: a vaulted ceiling replaced the wooden trusses and rectangular windows replaced the Medieval monofore along the nave. In this period a rectangular chapel on the south side was also built. In the XVIII century the church passed under the administration of the Republic of Lucca. It was restored between the XIX and the XX century, recovering its original Medieval form with the removal of the XVII century additions: the large windows were closed and the ancient monofore reopened.
Inside the church you can see a XII century stone slab depicting a knight, a XIII century font, a XIV century stoup and tabernacle as well as a XVII century pulpit.

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