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typology: Church
Area: Garfagnana
District/Locality: Vagli di Sotto

The Sant' Agostino church, dedicated to S. Regolo, is placed in a dominant position above the lake of Vagli and was, before the end of the XIV century, the place of worship for a nearby village. When the Augustinian nunnery was built the dedication of the church was changed. Until a few years ago the complex of Sant' Agostino was isolated from all villages. The building, with two aisles, is of great simplicity.
Historycal news

The original church of Sant' Agostino di Vagli, dedicated to San Regolo, consisted of a building with a rectangular plan and a single apse corresponding to today's nave. The ancient entrance, a portal with a round arch like the one on the south side, can still be seen on the fa├žade. The building was later enlarged, with the addition of an aisle closed by a semicircular apse, probably when the Augustinian nuns took over the church at the end of the XIV century.
In the XVII century some works were carried out, among which important repairs to the roof, while other restorations date to the last century when a cavity wall was built on the north side of the church. Recent excavations near the church have brought to light a XIII-XVI century necropolis.

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