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Mostra Archeologica Permanente

icona Mostra Archeologica Permanente
Una stanza della mostra
Collection: Archaeological finds of Prehistoric, Etruscan, Roman and Medieval periods
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Capannori
Address: Via Cardinale Pacini, 20
Phone: 0583-428432 (Ufficio Cultura del Comune)
Fax: 0583-428416

The preparation of the archaeological exhibition of Capannori in September 1987 was the first step towards the creation of an archaeological documentation centre on this area closely linked to the excavation campaigns. The municipality of Capannori includes large part of the fertile Lucchese plain, crossed in ancient times by the river Auser and its branches; since the Bronze Age this has been an important route of penetration and communication and around it concentrated a large number of human settlements.
Regular excavations and occasional surface finds have produced a large quantity of material ranging from Prehistoric times to the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In 1999 the exhibition, promoted, prepared and run by an active group of volunteers (GAC-Gruppo Archeologico Capannorese), was moved to its new seat on the ground floor of Palazzo Pera, a rare example of XIX century rural mansion in the territory of Capannori (villas are by far more frequent).

facilities for handicapped:possible
guided tours:By appointment
programs for schools: on request guided tours and lectures.
For information: 0583/428432 (Town Culture Office), 0583 974156 (Maila Franceschini)
Historycal news

The Gruppo Archeologico was founded in December 1984 and since then is conducting research in the Capannori area with the collaboration of the Municipal administration and under the supervision of the Monuments and Fine Arts Office.
The archaeological exhibition, directed by dr. Elisabetta Abela, contains a large selection of accurately restored finds; the discoveries and activity of local volunteers, particularly conscious of their archaeological heritage, have made the collection surprisingly rich in the last few years.
The exhibits were found during regular excavation campaigns, such as the one conducted by GAC in the area of Palazzaccio or during occasional surface exploration.
The exhibition contains articles made of chipped stone from Prehistoric sites, in particular Casina d´Isola.
The expansion and development of Etruscan and Roman settlements in the Capannori area are illustrated by a series of archaeological finds: pottery, amphorae used for transport, bricks, coins, and metal objects. Moreover, earthenware and metal items of the Medieval and Renaissance periods are also present, among them a stud belonging to a Lombard belt. Recently, after the discovery of a small necropolis in Vorno, a reconstructed tomb has been put on display; in the near future the exhibition of more reconstructed tombs is planned.
Finds from the archaeological site of Chiarone can also be seen.
Summer time

1 June/30 September: Saturdays 9 a.m.-12 and 4 - 6.30 p.m. Other days of the week upon request.
Winter time

1 October/31 May: Saturdays 9 a.m. - 12 and 3 - 5.30 p.m. Other days of the week upon request.

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How to reach

by car:Firenze-Mare motorway, exit Capannori; along SS. Sarzanese Val d´Era until the Capannori ring road, then east towards via Carlo Piaggia
parking place:Small parking area near the Museum

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- G.A.C., Capannori itinerari archeologici, un viaggio tra le ultime scoperte nel territorio, M. P. Fazzi editore, Lucca, 1981

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