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Museo Casa Natale Giacomo Puccini

icona Museo Casa Natale Giacomo Puccini
Statua Puccini. Ph: Nicoḷ Orsi ...
Collection: Cimeli, documenti, manoscritti, mobili, effetti personali, ritratti
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca
Address: Corte S. Lorenzo, 9
Phone: +39-0583-584028/ +39-0583-469225 numero verde: 800 39 0583 612
Fax: +39-0583-958324
Web address:

The Giacomo Puccini House Museum that belongs to the Puccini Foundation, established in 1973, is in the house where Giacomo Puccini, the last of a family of musicians that dominated the musical scene in Lucca, was born. The Puccini family had moved from Celle to Lucca in the first half of the XVIIIth century. In this house, situated at Corte San Lorenzo, Giacomo Puccini was born on the 22nd December 1858. Orphan of father, he spent here the years of his childhood and early youth before moving to Milan in order to continue his studies. However, he remembered the house where he was born all his life and it was his will that it should remain property of the family. Once he reached fame and success Puccini lived in Milan, Torre del Lago , Boscolungo, Chiatri, Torre della Tagliata (Orbetello) and Viareggio where the main Puccini houses can be found (together with the house of his ancestors in "Celle dei Puccini"). The house where he was born is certainly the first one to see: a visit of the place where Giacomo grew up will help you to become familiar and learn more about this great figure of classical music.

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Singoli: in italiano tutti i sabati e ogni terza domenica del mese, ore 12.00; in inglese tutti i venrdì da giugno a settembre, ore12.00; durata 1 ora circa (max 25 persone) visita guidata gratuita compresa nel prezzo del biglietto (si consiglia la prenotazione).
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Historycal news

The house where Puccini was born, quite big but hardly sufficient for a large family like that of Giacomo, was brought back to its original state when the Museum was opened in 1979. Today his personal belongings, i.e. furniture and autographic manuscripts of important early works such as the Mass for four voices composed in 1880 and the Capriccio symphony composed in 1883, are kept here together with a rich collection of private (to his wife Elvira and to his son Antonio) and professional (to the editor Giulio Ricordi) letters written between 1889 and 1915. Particularly significant are the last messages, written by Puccini on his deathbed, when after an operation to remove a throat cancer, he could communicate only by writing. Turandot, Puccini¿s last opera, interrupted by his death on the 29th November 1924, is recalled by the Steinway piano that he used for composing it in the villa of Viareggio and by the costume of the heroine of the IInd act donated by the singer Maria Jeritza to the Puccini Foundation to commemorate the first representation of Turandot at the Metropolitan Opera House of New York in 1926.
Summer time

From April to October from 10 to 18; Tuesday closed.
Winter time

From November to March from 11 to 17; Tuesday and December 25 closed.

Ticket price

full price 7 euro, reduced 5 euro
How to reach

by car:Firenze-Mare motorway; SS "Brennero" road (from Pisa) and "Pesciatina" road (from Florence or Pistoia).
parking place:outside the town walls with bus service to town centre
pubblic transport:Lazzi buses from Viareggio, Pisa and Florence arrive in Piazzale Verdi. By train: Pisa-Lucca and Viareggio-Firenze lines.

- Itinerari pucciniani (a cura del Centro studi giacomo Puccini), APT, Lucca 1998

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