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Museo Storico della Liberazione 1943 - 1945

Collection: Documenti, oggetti e materiali di equipaggiamento militare, uniformi, fotografie, cimeli del Corpo Italiano di Liberazione e dei Corpi Armati Alleati
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca
Address: Palazzo Guinigi, Via S. Andrea, 43

The Historical Museum of the War of Liberation was founded in 1988 as a joint initiative of the members of the ¿Associazione Toscana Volontari della Libertà¿ and those of the ¿Centro Educazione Democratica¿, part of the larger ¿Federazione Italiana Volontari della Libertà¿. This Museum is unique in its kind in so far as it reconstructs the history of the Italian army, navy and air force during the 1940-1943 period of WWII. It preserves relics, photos, maps and uniforms; in a special section are kept the urns containing earth from Italian military graveyards and Italian villages or towns where massacres by the nazis occurred.In future the over 1000 volumes deposited here will be rearranged and catalogued to form a library.

guided tours:yes
programs for schools:Visits for schools, also outside the opening hours, can be booked two days in advance: groups of up to 25-30 allowed. It is possible to arrange lectures at schools.
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The Museum occupies five rooms each dedicated to a different section. The entrance hall illustrates the Russian Campaign (1941-1943). The first room is dedicated to the 1938-1943 period: here we find documents on the racial laws, officers¿ uniforms, photographs showing the damage to Italian towns and cities, maps with all prison camps marked on them. The second room shows relics and photos of clergymen murdered by the nazis.The third room is the largest: here we find a large number of showcases with relics of the ´Corpo Italiano di Liberazione ´ and the Allied Troops that took part in the Italian Liberation War (1943-1945) together with a substantial collection of photographs. The fourth room, finally, illustrates the contribution of citizens to the liberation of the Province of Lucca.

9 aprile 1989
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Offerta libera.
How to reach

by car:Firenze-Mare motorway and link road, ¿Brennero¿ (from Pisa) and ¿Pesciatina¿ (from Firenze or Pistoia) state roads
parking place:Parcheggio delle Tagliate, outside Porta S. Donato: free.
pubblic transport:Lazzi buses from Viareggio, Pisa and Florence. Pisa-Lucca and Viareggio-Firenze railway lines: from the station of Lucca walk to Piazzale Verdi where you will find the Tourist Office.

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