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Museo Archeologico Versiliese "Bruno Antonucci"

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Pietrasanta, Palazzo Moroni
Collection: Reperti paleontologici, reperti archeologici dell´età del Rame, reperti etruschi, liguri e romani.
Area: Versilia
District/Locality: Pietrasanta
Address: Temporary Municipal Depot, Via Marconi n.5
Phone: 0584-795500
Fax: 0584-795588

Since its foundation in 1968 the Museum has been housed at Palazzo Moroni in the Piazza del Duomo of Pietrasanta. On the outside the building has a double flight of stairs and is among the most remarkable in town both from a historical/architectural point of view and for its public role. It was created in the XVII century combining two previous buildings to house the ¿Monte dei Pegni¿(pawnshop), the Chancellery and the assembly hall. In the middle of the XIXth century the building was renovated and remained town hall until the Second World War; afterwards it became seat of the town library, the communal Record Office and the Archaeological Museum.
Since 1998 the Museum has been closed to the public for repair and renovation works. In spring 1999 finds from the exhibition and storage rooms were transferred to the archaeological depot in Via Marconi n.5 where a small exhibition of Roman items can at present be visited.

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Historycal news

The Museum was created thanks to a collection of archaeological finds from searches on the territory conducted since the 1960¿s by the ¿Gruppo Speleologico e Archeologico versiliese¿ under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Antonucci and with the collaboration of the Archaeological Office and the University of Pisa. The finds are all from Versilia and range from prehistoric to medieval. The exposition is divided into four sections: the palaeontological one contains rests of animals up to the late Palaeolithic; the prehistoric shows human bones, arrowheads, daggers and other stone implements, pottery and bone pendants. The most important section is the Etruscan and Ligurian with a collection of all the Etruscan tombstones (¿cippi funerari¿) of Versilia, the reproduction of several case tombs and other remarkable evidence of the settlements of these peoples in the area: pottery, personal ornaments, tools. Finally, the Roman and Medieval section contains, among others, amphorae, glass, tools, tombs, grave goods and coins. Exhibits in the Museum come from the following Versilian sites: Monte Lieto, La Costa, Pieve dei Santi Giovanni e Felicita, Casa Baldi, Via del Poggione, Baraglino, Cafaggio, Crocialetto, Bora dei Frati, Montiscendi, La Cappella, Monte Altissimo, Levigliani, Pievecchia.

How to reach

by car:A12 Motorway (exit Versilia) or State Road n.1 Aurelia
parking place:Free parking 200m away (bus terminal or USL area); with parking disc in Via S. Agostino
pubblic transport:Railway station: trains from Massa, Lucca and Viareggio. Clap busses from Massa, Lucca, Viareggio.

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