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Museo Villa Puccini

icona Museo Villa Puccini
Viareggio, Torre del Lago, facciata
Collection: House Museum: antiques, documents, furniture, portraits, stage paintings
Area: Versilia
District/Locality: Viareggio, locality Torre del Lago Puccini
Address: Villa Puccini, Belvedere Puccini - Torre del Lago (Lucca)
Phone: 0584-341445

Nel 1891 Giacomo Puccini rented a simple tower-house on the lake of Massaciuccoli. From that moment Torre del Lago became for Puccini a refuge where he found the inspiration for his most famous works. After the success of Manon Lescaut, Puccini moved to count Grottanelli¿s residence where he remained until Spring 1900 when the construction of Villa Puccini was completed. The Villa has a traditional cubical structure with a symmetrical composition and clearly defined functional partitions: an ornamental bow window in glass and iron connects the entrance of the Villa with the surrounding garden. This rigorous architecture contrasts with the eclectic interior, fruit of the joint efforts of Puccini and Galileo Chini. Puccini¿s first opera to be represented was the Bohème, in 1930; since then 40 editions of the Puccini Festival have been presented here, first in a makeshift theatre that stood on piles above the water and later in the so called ¿Teatro dei Quattromila¿.

facilities for disabled people: possible, just one stair
guided tours: upon request, also in English
programs for schools: guided tours
other facilities: audioguides and brochures
for further information and booking please contact: 0584-341445,
Summer time

November – January: 10.00-12.00 a.m. (12.00 a.m. last admission), 2.00-5.10 p.m. (4.30 last admission);
February – March: 10.00-12.40 a.m. (12.00 last admission), 2.30-5.50 p.m. (5.10 p.m. last admission)
closed on Monday morning (except Easter Monday), 25th December, 9-27 November;

tour lenght 40 min, admission of 15 people every 40 min (except for tours reserved)
Winter time

November-January: 10.00 a-m.-12.00 a.m. (12.00 last admission); 2.00 p.m.- 5.10 p.m. (4.30 p.m. last admission).
February-March: 10.00 a-m.-12.40 a.m. (12.00 last admission); 2.30 p.m.- 5.50 p.m. (5.10 p.m. last admission);

closed on Monday Morning (except Easter Monday), 25th December, 9-27 November;
tour lenght 40 min., admission of 15 people every 40 min. (except for tours reserved)

Ticket price

€ 7,00 full price € 2,00 for children 6-13; € 5,00 a head for groups of more than 15 (booking and payment in advance are mandatory) free for children under 6 and for members of "Amici delle Case di Giacomo Puccini"
How to reach

by car: state road Aurelia up to Torre del Lago Puccini, then follow the signposts for the lake along Viale Puccini
parking place: parkin area at 50 metres from the Museum
pubblic transport: by train to Viareggio, from Viareggio CLAP buses or Ecotur boats

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