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Archaeological site of Acquarella

typology: Roman Farm
Area: Versilia
District/Locality: Camaiore, locality Capezzano Pianore

In the area at the foot of the hills around the entrance of the Camaiore valley archaeological excavations began in 1994 on an area of ca. 700 square metres, bringing to light a settlement that was occupied several times from the late archaic Etruscan period (VIth century B.C.), through the whole Roman Age, until Early Medieval times (VIth-VIIth century A.D.).
At present the best known sector is that belonging to a Roman farm that was inhabited between the IInd-Ist centuries B.C. and the IVth-Vth centuries A.D.
(text by Fabio Fabiani)
State of preservation

The site is in preparation; a selection of finds can be seen at the Municipal Archaeological Museum
Historycal news

The excavation of the Roman farm at Acquarella has shown the existence of several rooms used for producing olive oil as described in contemporary Roman treatises, in particular those of Cato, Columella and Plinius.
We can recognise a room which contained the olive press, a number of tubs where oil was collected and left to decant, together with a storage room where six large terracotta vessels were found.
The building was certainly in use for a long time and it was repaired, as we can see from a new pavement in the room housing the oil press: here the original opus spicatum was, indeed, covered by a cocciopesto pavement.
Finds referring to the period of life of the complex include household earthenware, tableware as well as kitchenware, amphorae of different origin, coins and bronze articles.
This archaeological site is particularly important because it preserves traces of a preceding occupation, as well as traces of later periods when the farm had ceased to be used.
The Roman structure conceals that of an earlier Etruscan building datable to the VIth-Vth century B.C., while upon the remains of the Roman farm traces of simple early Medieval wooden houses, with their typical domestic and productive activities, have been discovered.

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