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Villino Marraccini, today Lembi

Area: Piana di Lucca
Place: Lucca
District/Locality: The building is a private property and cannot be visited inside.
Building dating: 1925

The rectangular based building with a polygonal forepart on the main façade consists of two floors, a cellar and an attic. The hip roof is covered with a layer of Marseillais tiles whereas the forepart has flat roofing.
A skirt roof separates the ground floor, which is plastered, from the upper floor, which is in facing brick.
All the windows on the ground floor have an architrave which is characterised by phytomorphic festoons, smooth jambs and a slightly projecting window sill.
Instead the first floor windows have varyingly ornate architraves and jambs with a spiral decoration.
The attic windows are defined by a continuous fascia of alternating green and yellow painted bricks and between one window and the next there are decorations painted with zoomorphic characters. The part below the eaves is characterised by corbels which are decorated with acanthus leaves.
All the corners, both in the main part of the building and in the polygonal part, have plastered pilasters which stand out against the darker plaster on the ground floor and the bricks on the upper floor.
The building is a private property and cannot be visited inside.
Historycal news

The building was projected in 1925 by Eng. Enrico Pergola.
Between the time of its construction and the present day, there have been neither significant changes to the external appearance of the villa nor significant modifications to its interior. Therefore, this little villa still appears the same today as it did when it was designed.
(text by Lorenza Caprotti - Centro Studi Cultura Liberty e Déco
How to reach

by car: A11 motorway exit "Lucca Centro". Follow the signs for the town centre until you reach the ring road along the walls. Turn right in Viale Carducci and continue along the ring road until Viale Giusti where you will find the villa at numbers 93.

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