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Monumento ai Caduti di Gallicano

icona Monumento ai Caduti di Gallicano
Monumento ai Caduti di Gallicano
Area: Garfagnana
District/Locality: Gallicano
Address: The monument is situated in a small garden among via IV novembre and piazza della posta

The monument, erected in honour of the Fallen of the first world war, stays inside a little monumental enclosure. It is a column on which there is a statue representing the Country. The statue of Italia, in white marble, holds in the right hand sword and shield and in the left hand a sphere surmounted by a small bronze winged victory. The column is on a base on which, on every side, there is the recurrent motive of the two swords with the hilt of lion and eagle that frame respectively: a “lupa capitolina” on the left slope; the “genius loci” on the right side. On the front of the base there are two putto* at sides of a helmet which surmounts an altar, while on the back you can observe just the motive of the two swards. The monument has a strongly symbolic and patriotic meaning: The image of the victorious country is reinforced also by the writing, on the side of the base “Italia renovat Triumphos Romanos”, while the two putto are the symbols of the new generations that honour the Fallen for the greatness and freedom of Italy. It is emblematic the reference to the cock in the town symbol.
*Putto: little boy, angel.

Realized on 1926, the monument should have been built in 1923, in the period of the realization of the avenue for the railway station, but it was not happened because of economical reasons. The work has been solemnly inaugurated on 15th October 1926, at the presence of Mr. Biagioni of Gallicano, the prefect Michele Bertone and the federal secretary hon. Carlo Scorza.

Francesco Petroni, sculptor born in Lucca on 1877 and died on 1960.


on back of the obelisk in the lower part: MCMXXVI

inscription in the upper part on every side: front ITALIA - left RENOVAT - back TRIUMPHOS - right ROMANOS

The work has been ordered by the town of Gallicano.

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The monument, that was under bad conditions with wide stains on the whole marmoreal surface during the census, has recently been cleaned and restored.

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