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Monumento ai Caduti di Pieve Fosciana

icona Monumento ai Caduti di Pieve ...
Monumento ai Caduti di Pieve ...
Area: Garfagnana
District/Locality: Pieve Fosciana
Address: via San Giovanni - via del Pradiscello

The monument in honour of the Fallen of the first world war is composed of a marble obelisk, about six meters high and located on a base formed by solids of different measures. In front of the obelisk you can see a statue which represents a naked soldier with helmet: with his right hand, he holds a tunic which winds him on the shoulders and pubic area. In the front part of the obelisk, on the jutting part of the state base, you can read the memorial inscription “Pieve Fosciana ai suoi Caduti”. The date of start and end of the first world war is written, in Roman numerals, in the front of the obelisk, while on the other sides there are engraved some Fascist friezes.

The finding of the area for the realization of the monument, as witnessed by different newspapers, has caused many problems. The local press has helped us to understand that the realization works started on the first months of 1930 and then the official inauguration has been made on 13th November 1932 at the presence of military, civil and religious authorities.

Alberto Cheli

The work has been ordered by the Fighting Association of Pieve Fosciana.

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At present, in front of the monument there is the Memorial Avenue: this avenue with its double line of cypresses, is what remains of the Memorial Park, realized on 1920 (about) in honour of those sixty eight young men of “Comune Caduti per la Patria” in the first world war. The avenue brings from the square of Alpini up to the town graveyard, where, on the external wall, in the seventies, two plates with the names of the Fallen of Pieve Foscian have been put.

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