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Monument to the fallen from S. Macario in Piano village

icona Monument to the fallen from S. ...
Monumento ai caduti della frazione ...
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca
Address: Via Gavine, 366 S. Macario in Piano - 55100 Lucca

The piece is located in front of the village church. The monument consists of a base of concentric steps, with a vertical body with dedicatory epigraph surmounted by a marble statue depicting a torn infantryman with his weapons on the ground, while throwing an object.
In September 1926, upon request of the local municipal committee, Lucca Town Council decided to buy the land in front of the church to build the monument, uniting the square with that beside the same church. Not long after (exact date is unknown) the monument was inaugurated.


SAN/ MACARIO/ AI/ SUOI CADUTI/ - / 1915 - 1918 (SAN/ MACARIO /TO/ITS FALLEN/ - / 1915 - 1918 list of names)

Comitato locale; Comune di Lucca

Delibera della Giunta Municipale di Lucca 17 settembre 1926.

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