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In this page you can find Education events in the various museums of Lucchesia.

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Discovering the Romans in Versilia

Versilia still bears several traces of settlements from the Roman period. The initiative is aimed at spreading knowledge of the scientific methods of archaeology by identifying and examining the Roman presence in the territory of Versilia. ...

Architecture and the Decorative Arts in 20th-century Versilia

Together with concepts relating to the history of architecture and the decorative arts in 20th-century Versilia, the initiative provides students with the methodological tools to allow them to read and to set into a wider context Versilia's...

Centro Visitatori Parco dell´Orecchiella

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Civica Raccolta delle Ceramiche Estensi

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Civico Museo Archeologico of Camaiore

Sorry, English text unavailable at the moment Contact Direttore Stefania Campetti Coordinamento servizio didattico Alessandra Berton, Marzia Bonato tel 0584 986335 fax 0584 986345 e-mail

Complesso museale ed archeologico della Cattedrale di Lucca

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Gabinetto di Storia Naturale del Liceo Machiavelli

Guided tours, "Week of Scientific Culture"

Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea “Lorenzo Viani” (GAMC)

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The Plaster Figurine and the emigration

During the late 19th and the early 20th centuries, Lucchesia was a land of emigrants, among which were the figurinai, craftsmen who produced and sold plaster statuettes. Through the analysis of plaster artefacts, this educational activity delves...