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Archaeological sites

In this section you will find information about archaeological sites that as a whole form an ideal unity illustrating the findings from each site.
Every archaeological area is presented with the collection of its findings, now preserved in Museums in the area.
The aim is to virtually reconstruct the original stratification of numerous sites that cannot be visited because of a substantial lack of remains, bad preservation or inaccessibility.
On the other hand, the selection presented here also takes into account all those important archaeological discoveries in the area that are not yet exhibited in museums or are exhibited in museums outside the Province. Other information about the sites can be found in the "In-Depth Information" section dedicated to a deeper analysis and investigation of cultural and historical aspects of Etruscan, Roman and pre- and proto-historical civilisations directly connected to Lucca and its territory.

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Etruscan settlement of Bora dei Frati.

Area: Versilia
District: Pietrasanta

Ligurian settlement of Colle delle Carbonaie

Area: Garfagnana
District: Castiglione Garfagnana

Roman amphitheatre of Lucca

Area: Piana di Lucca
District: Lucca

Archaeological site of Acquarella

Area: Versilia
District: Camaiore, località Capezzano Pianore

Archaeological area of Roman Massaciuccoli

Area: Versilia
District: Massarosa, località Massaciuccoli

Buca del Tasso

Area: Versilia
District: Camaiore, località Metato

Buca di Castelvenere

Area: Mediavalle
District: Fabbriche di Vallico, località Vallico di Sopra

Etruscan cottage of Casa Baldi

Area: Versilia
District: Seravezza, località Pozzi


Area: Piana di Lucca
District: Capannori