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Domus Romana "Casa del Fanciullo sul Delfino"

icona Domus Romana "Casa del Fanciullo ...
Fregio con fanciulli su delfini
Collection: reperti archeologici
Area: Piana di Lucca
District/Locality: Lucca
Address: Via Cesare Battisti 15
Phone: 0583 050060
Fax: 0583 050061
email: info@domusromanalucca.it

The Domus Romana "Casa del Fanciullo sul Delfino" is an archaeological site in the center of Lucca discovered in 2010.  The site includes walled structures and finds dating back to ancient Rome in the 1st century A.D., and continuing through the periods of the Longobards, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. In this unique setting visitors can witness the development of construction technique as it evolved over 2,000 years in Lucca.

Open everyday from 9 to 19.
Groups by appointment. Please contact the office for events and evening visits
Ticket price

3 € visita al Sito + film storico su Lucca e sul Sito (bambini fino a 10 anni gratis). 5 € visita + film + Sesterzio (riproduzione della moneta originaria del 14.d.C. ritrovata nel Sito. 1 uro pp. - visita completa per gruppi di minimo 5 persone accompagnate da guida abilitata.

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